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Workshop Overview - Advanced Presentation Skills

“Many senior managers have no problem talking – the trick they must learn is to make sure they have said what they need to, before the audience has finished listening.”  Mark Barnes


The Advanced Presentation Skills workshop is aimed at experienced presenters who want to hone their existing skills, deal with particular areas of concern or to prepare for a step-change in their presentation style. The content is defined by a pre-event questionnaire and by the participants own rolling agendas, which invariably evolve based on trainer input, focused coaching, peer review and analysis of their own performance through DVD playback.

The journey from awareness to awkwardness and then from skill to habit can be tough on this two day intervention, but attending will help individuals to significantly ‘raise their communications game’, encourage them to address issues and play to their strengths.

Themes addressed may include:

Having attended the workshop, participants have a clear understanding of the components of a high impact presentation in relation to their own business. They will have experienced tools and tactics for the creation and delivery of their own presentations and developed the ability to apply their learning to make presentations of any duration, to any size group. Most importantly, participants will have had the opportunity to practise the skills necessary to deliver future presentations with both confidence and credibility.

This workshop can be supported by our publication Stand & Deliver or with bespoke workshop materials and a pre-workshop questionnaire.

We also offer one-to-one, media and public speaking coaching.


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