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"Congratulations! You have a presentation to make!" Mark and Mary-Jane Barnes

There is a library of research detailing just how stressful making a presentation can be. Mark and Mary-Jane Barnes explain that by following a few simple steps to success, you can make credible, high impact presentations that hit the mark, every time! Click to open pdf


“Are e-mails taking over your life?” Mark Barnes

The use of e-mail has revolutionised communications by increasing the ease and speed at which individuals and organisations can deal with each other – but bad practice and a lack of agreed conventions for its use have come to outweigh the undoubted benefits.

Your organisation may have a policy outlining best practice – but are you doing your bit, by modelling good behaviour?

Getting the most from e-mail – Good Practice
Getting the most from e-mail – Good Manners Click to open pdf
Getting the most from e-mail – Style
Getting the most from e-mail – Format
Getting the most from e-mail – Processing volume of e-mails

Getting the most from e-mail – Outlook 2000 Quick reference guide


"Putting the Buzz into your sessions" Mark Barnes

There is no doubt that many people learn best by doing, especially when the activities that they are involved in are perceived as being 'fun'. Much more value can be generated if the activities are also focused and relevant. Click to open pdf


"Do you have time to manage?" Mark Barnes

For a manager, understanding that leveraging performance and releasing potential of colleagues through appraising and coaching is fundamental. To do this, managers need to be given the space to get beneath their job title and understand what their job is really about - and be encouraged to recognise that their own success is dependant on 'raising the game' of those around them. Click to open pdf


Re-assessing Presentations and the use of PowerPoint

This ground breaking white paper, developed to support the Step System Advanced Presentation Skills and Thinking on your Feet workshops, challenges the ways in which presentations are commonly structured and that PowerPoint is used and more often, abused. It provides fantastic ideas that will add clarity, impact and credibility to any presentation. Click to open Word File Gable End, Main Street, Upper Brailes, Banbury, Oxon OX15 5AX Tel 01608 685105