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Stand & Deliver – a Master Class in Making Powerful Presentations
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Time to Think – Seize Control of Your Time and Your Life
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Serious Fun 2 – A new collection of training games and exercises
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Living the Dream
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Re-assessing Presentations and the use of PowerPoint
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“They say that people learn best by ‘doing’, but that can only be true if the ‘doing’ is relevant, focused and enjoyable. The well- thought-out interventions in Serious Fun are ‘bang on’ – using them will enable you to engage, educate and entertain – talk about adding value!.”

Robin Rowland – CEO, Yo! Sushi

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Serious Fun – Adding buzz to meetings, training and communications

Mark Barnes

Why not add some 'magic' and originality to your events?

Serious Fun provides a kit bag of practical ideas, games and activities — which actually work! It is a collection of 'ready to go' interventions, providing a huge number of opportunities to engage and energise — transforming what might otherwise be an ordinary event into an enjoyable, memorable and worthwhile experience.

Serious Fun is organised with a user-friendly alphabetical table of contents and a quick key, so that each activity can be used to best effect.

The activities are organised under the headings of:

Each activity is explained with a summary, a list of objectives, procedure and timings and, with a focus on practicality and flexibility, the need for equipment and pre-prepared materials have been kept to a minimum.

Serious Fun can be used by managers, trainers, coaches, teachers and peer groups to add 'buzz' to shift meetings, team briefs, communications sessions, training or coaching interventions and assessment centres.

Many of the activities can also be used as a catalyst for original thought and are supplemented with 'additional variations' on a theme — demonstrating how an initial idea can be taken and grown, for use with a different group, to achieve different objectives, on a different day.

Activities in Serious Fun will:

Serious Fun – Adding buzz to meetings, training and communications

by Mark Barnes is published by Management Books 2000 Ltd and is available at all reputable high street and online book shops, priced at £18.99.
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