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“Stand & Deliver integrates the essentials of great presentations with up-to-the-minute technology and tools. It is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to make powerful, contemporary business presentations.”

Wayne Phillips – Defence Industry Solutions Lead, Microsoft Corporation

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Stand & Deliver — a Master Class in Making Powerful Presentations

Mark and Mary-Jane Barnes

Stand & Deliver is a journey through the A to Z of presenting. With unique skills self-analysis and practical, incisive content, Stand & Deliver guides you through the tactics needed to plan, prepare, practise and deliver powerful presentations.

Fully updated in a second edition, Stand & Deliver begins with a personal skills assessment and contains 4 key sections:

Section 1

The Creation of the Presentation
Preparation, Development and Structuring of Content and Keeping to Time

Section 2

Managing Yourself – Creating Credibility
The Power of Body Language
Dealing with Nerves and Portraying a Positive Image
Voice and Delivery
Dress, Etiquette and Achieving Professional Credibility

Section 3

Managing the Audience – Making the Presentation Accessible
Engaging with the Audience
Making it Memorable
Using Visual Aids and Audio Visual Equipment

Section 4

Dealing with the Unknown, the Unexpected and the Unusual
Handling Questions
Managing the Environment and Room Set-up
Advanced Tactics

Stand & Deliver is a product of its time. It addresses the challenges faced by the 'PowerPoint generation', highlighting the dangers of becoming over dependent on technology; it introduces the idea of 'gisting decks' and shows how best to leverage benefit when presenting with others, or as part of a team.

Stand & Deliver - a Master Class in Making Powerful Presentations

by Mark and Mary-Jane Barnes is published by Management Books 2000 Ltd and is available at all reputable high street and online book shops, priced at £18.99.
(ISBN 978-185252-533-0). Gable End, Main Street, Upper Brailes, Banbury, Oxon OX15 5AX Tel 01608 685105