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Workshop Overview - Coaching

“A Coach is nothing more than a vehicle for getting people from A to B – from where they are now, to where they could or should be.” Mark Barnes


All recent research into learning suggests that a development approach, focusing on coaching, brings the greatest results in changing behaviour and improving performance.

In order to be an effective coach at work, individuals must believe that extracting the best from people is a central responsibility in their job and, as a result, they will create a climate that supports learning and development and make time to coach individuals and teams. Coaches encourage and, where appropriate, educate and equip people to build on their strengths, tackling areas for improvement or blockage and achieving on-going success. Coaching interventions are likely to be short and quickly followed up upon.

This workshop helps managers to make the transition from Manager to Coach and to understand that while a manager tends to focus on results, a coach focuses on developing the performance - through which improved results can be achieved. They learn about the principal of raising awareness and leaving responsibility with the performer and the power of encouragement, tough love, effective questioning and effective listening. Most importantly, they will learn the difference between corrective and developmental coaching and have the opportunity to practise a number of coaching tools.

Content might include:

  • What is Coaching?
  • Why Coach?
  • When to Coach?
  • The Stakeholder Benefits of Coaching
  • The Coaching Span
  • Coaching Behaviours
  • Beginning the Relationship / Review and Follow-up
  • Understanding learning preferences
  • Using four distinct coaching tools:
  • 1. Developing a coaching plan
    - The 1:1 Skills Summary
  • 2. Continuous improvement
    - Performance Builder
  • 3. Tackling new issues
    - The GROWth Model
  • 4. Using a more assertive approach
    - Theme & Cue
  • Skills practice and proactive action planning

This workshop can be supported with bespoke workshop materials and questionnaires.


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