Step System International


The Step System Environmental Policy and Woodland Project

Most environmental damage occurs as a consequence of business activity and that is why we actively recycle and where possible use materials produced in the most ethical way. In addition, since 2010 we have made considerable effort to help absorb carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees and hedgerows. So far, we have planted over 1000 native broad leaf trees and intend to keep going to ensure that we have planted at least one tree for every week that we have been in business.

Planting these trees will not only enable us to offset our carbon emissions (on average, one native British broad leaf will absorb in the region of 1 tonne of carbon dioxide during its full life-time), it will also provides homes and food for innumerable species of birds, mammals and insects and a site for flora and fauna, including orchids and bluebells and a home to our bee hives.

It is the policy of Step System International to:

• Recycle
• Use ethically produced products and materials
• Offset CO2 emissions
• Provide wildlife habitats
• Plant native British trees
• Enhance the natural UK landscape

We do not use herbicides, fungicides or commercially produced peat. Gable End, Main Street, Upper Brailes, Banbury, Oxon OX15 5AX Tel 01608 685105