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Workshop Overview - Mentoring

“The origin of the term Mentor can be traced back to Homer's The Odyssey. Odysseus, leaving for war, chose Mentor to protect and advise his son, Telemachus – a clear ‘red thread’ to our more modern view of a Mentor as being ‘experienced and trusted advisers’, who have credibility and are willing to pass on their wisdom to another person.” Mark Barnes


The Mentor’s role is an empowering one, aimed at providing practical and objective guidance, concerning issues and blockages identified by the Mentee. As someone with knowledge and practical experience to draw upon, the Mentor is likely to be mentoring somebody with less experience in the area under discussion and not necessarily an immediate line report.

A true Mentor is someone who can share their own experiences, provide insights and views and who can also take on the role of counsellor and critical friend – offering realism, support and encouragement. Often one step removed from the frontline, they give people an overview based on their experience of having ‘been there and done it’. They are committed to passing on knowledge that helps the person they are mentoring to take more control of their life and work, offering clarity that will enable the Mentee to work towards achieving their own goals. Mentoring can take place across and outside the business.

There is potential for there to be some overlap between the role of Mentor and Coach. In general, coaching is likely to be more frequent, more immediate and with shorter time horizons and will probably be carried out by a line manager, who will focus on performance. Mentoring is in some ways more academic in approach, with longer time horizons and depends on conversation and strategic thinking, allowing for the injection of a ‘worldly wisdom’, from Mentor to protégée. The Mentor’s role may also be to point their Mentee to other resources – a Coach, a functional expert or a training intervention, for help.

Workshop content might include:

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