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Workshop Overview - Personal Impact

“Everyone has impact. Is it enough to just hope that it is the impact they intended?” Mark Barnes


For two parties to communicate and feel ‘in tune’ they have to be comfortable with the communications process and be able to ‘connect’ at several levels – something which most people find easy when dealing with those they ‘get on with’ and know well. However, it can be more challenging to get in tune with those people with whom they ‘jar’ or need to improve a relationship. Perceptions, attitudes and assumptions all have a part to play, as do choice of language, tone of voice and congruent body language.

Often used as a precursor to our Presentation Skills and Communicating & Influencing interventions, this workshop encourages self-awareness and an awareness of others and provides tools and practical experience for having ‘difficult conversations’.

As a result of taking part in the workshop, participants are better positioned to build their own confidence and credibility, while positively influencing others and developing powerful, forward looking, adult relationships.

Workshop content might include:

This workshop can be supported by our publication Stand & Deliver or with bespoke workshop materials.


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