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Workshop Overview - Time Management

“If you haven’t got time to do everything, at least do the things you need to do to be successful.” Mark Barnes


It’s easy to be busy, but it's far harder to be effective. By challenging participants to question their use of time - to recognise what needs to be done rather than what they like to do - this workshop equips them to employ time more effectively and focus on achieving positive results.

Through a mix of trainer input, group work and coaching, delegates discover how to plan time and prioritise tasks. They will be shown how to focus on results oriented planning and will return to the workplace motivated to put the skills acquired into practice.

Content might include:

  • Raising awareness of performance against recognised personal effectiveness criteria
  • Reviewing the decision making processes, organisational tools and identifying opportunities for development
  • Working with the Daily Task Tracker to create a database from which to identify ways of working smarter
  • Introducing the 4 D’s – Do it! Dump it! Delay it! Delegate it! … and showing how to manage each
  • Using the Urgent and Important Matrix to prioritise
  • Learning how to establish high quality SMARTER Goals – Dream, Performance and Process
  • Introducing a Project Management tool – The Elephant Technique
  • Review Energy levels and optimum time utilisation through the Prime Time Monitoring chart
  • Proactively managing day-to-day business and establish a proactive action plan for change

This workshop can be supported by our publication Time to Think, with bespoke workshop materials and questionnaires.


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